Our Story

Younes Terrab, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

I grew up drenched in Argan oil from when I was a little boy in Tangier, Morocco. My mom only used to moisturize and cleanse with Argan oil. We all grew up on natural ingredients and Argan oil was a big part of our lives. I want to share this idea of natural beauty and simplicity with our customers, that you can truly achieve more with less.

Victor Udeh-Martin, Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

It all began when Younes gave me a small bottle of Barbary fig seed oil from Morocco to help lessen my rash-like acne at the time. After battling the idea of applying oil on my face, I eventually tried it. After a few days, I noticed an amazing difference with the way my skin looked and I was immediately drawn into the world of oils.

What kindled my interest the most was the fact that it was one simple ingredient that brought about this sudden change and once I immersed myself in the discovery of oils, I was surprised to realize that many in the organic community shared this same sentiment. Lavina was then curated on the foundation of pursuing entrepreneurship with a love for beauty oils and everything organic.