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Easy Workouts You Can Create In Your Daily Routine

Summer is almost gone and, with it, your promises to get fit and healthy for the upcoming fall. If you are in the same case as me, you will appreciate the mini workouts I have listed here for you. They are especially made for people who do not have time to regularly commit to a specific workout. In other words, here are four daily occasions in which you can transform your routine into an efficient workout!

1. Use Your Walls

Try to use the time you spend on the phone with your friends or brushing your teeth to do wall squats. Just stand against a wall with your legs extended, then bend your knees and slide down the wall until you reach a seated position. Hold the position as long as you can. This will tone your butt and legs, but make sure your back is flat against the wall!

2. Make The Most Out Of The Elevator Time

Let’s be honest, elevator time is often the occasion to scrutinize people, but it is rarely the moment we choose to workout. Well, that being said, it does not mean that it is impossible.

Indeed, toe raising is an easy workout you can implement in your routine, as it will tone your calves without making you sweat. What’s more, you just need minimum space to practice!

3. Drop Your Car And Use Your Feet!

It sounds simple but too many people use their car or even public transportation when they could actually walk.

For example, walk to your job once a week. When you bring your kids to the park, do not take the car. Consider it as an occasion to have some quality time with your kids! It will also benefit your health by providing you with some fresh air!

4. Sex, You’re Simply The Best

Let’s keep the best for the end. We all know that when we have sex with our beloved husband, boyfriend, or a friend with benefits, we burn calories. According to a study, making love burns almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog. So consume and enjoy without moderation!…