Is It Easy to Renew My Medical Marijuana Card in NY?

In case you’re an inhabitant of New York, perusing this article at present, odds are you as of now use cannabis. Chances would likewise recommend that your card is terminated or pretty much to lapse.

You’re here because you’re keen on figuring out how you can turn into a lawful, authorized and enrolled tolerant under New York‘s medicinal pot laws.

Honestly, it used to be hard; however, with the expansion of constant agony to the rundown of conditions that qualify you for a medicinal pot card in NY (and the reality you can finish the whole procedure on the web), things just got a ton simpler.

As an affirmed patient or parental figure in New York’s Medical Marijuana Program, staying up with the latest is essential to guaranteeing that you have proceeded with access to the dispensary and the items you need.

We recommend you to use‘s nearest dispensary finder for searching dispensaries near you.

Kindly audit the accompanying rules to help ensure your patient accreditation and therapeutic cannabis card stay dynamic.


Each Patient Certification has two lapse dates: The “End Date” composed at the base right of the Dosing Recommendations area of the Patient Certification, and the “Persistent Certification Expiration Date” composed ideal beneath the “End Date.”

On the off chance that the “End Date” has passed, yet the “Persistent Certification Expiration Date” has not yet passed, if it’s not too much trouble contact your prescribing specialist to acquire an update to your current Patient Certification.

As of now, you won’t have to re-register with the New York State Department of Health; your present Medical Marijuana Card is as yet substantial.

On the off chance that your “Understanding Certification Expiration Date” has passed, if you don’t mind contact your prescribing specialist to get another Patient Certification.

Right now, you should re-register with the New York State Department of Health; your present Medical Marijuana Card is never again legitimate. It would be ideal if you visit our Get a Card page on the off chance that you’d like to audit the means of the enlistment procedure.

Medical Marijuana Card

It will be ideal if you note that your Medical Marijuana Card will lapse on a similar date as the Patient Certification Expiration Date.

If your Medical Marijuana Card has effectively terminated, you should acquire another one. Be that as it may, you may contact the Department of Health amid the 30 days paving the way to your Patient Certification Expiration Date to refresh your current Medical Marijuana Card.

Medical license renewal in front of its termination will spare you the inconvenience of trusting that another card will touch base via the post office. You can go on following link for New York state medical license renewal.

Well here are some Benefits of Medical Marijuana:

Places Near You

There are plenty of places near you in New York where you can renew your card.

The places to Renew include:

Medical Marijuana Card Doctors Hollywood Easy Clinic
5.0 (60) · Holistic medicine practitioner
New York, NY, United States+1 646-415-8762
Closed ⋅ Opens 10 AM

NYC Marijuana Doctor
4.6 (25) · Medical clinic
Brooklyn, NY, United States NY 11219, USA
+1 347-762-0830

Veriheal | Medical Marijuana Cards NY
4.9 (42) · Alternative medicine practitioner
New York, NY, United States
+1 646-512-9213…

What Does Oil Pulling Mean To You?

The benefit of maintaining your oral health goes beyond having a refreshing breath. Did you know that periodontal diseases are a risk factor that is linked to giving birth to premature, low weight babies? Back in 2011, Proctor and Gamble funded a study that was published by the American Journal Of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The results of that study revealed that moms-to-be who used mouthwash through out their pregnancy were less likely to go into early labor. That being said, there is a healthier, more holistic substitute to mouthwash; it is called oil pulling.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurveda dental care that evolved in India. It involves swishing a plant-based oil in your mouth for about 20mins and then spitting it out.  Reported benefits from oil pulling includes, but not limited to, preventing tooth decay, oral malodor, bleeding gums, dryness of throat, cracked lips and strengthening your teeth, gums and jaws.

I love the simplicity of this healing therapy, but before you run in search for any oil, be sure to know that not all oils are effective for oil pulling. Sesame oil was the traditional go-to remedy for oil pulling, but recent endorsements from celebrities and wellness practitioners have giving Coconut oil a spot in the light. Why? Coconut oil contains natural antibacterial properties and its potency is found to be twice as much as sesame oil. However, both oils have moderate abrasive powers and more oral healing benefits than other plant-based oils.

study in 2009 involving sesame oil and 20 adolescent boys with plaque-induced gingivitis concluded that oil pulling reduced plaque and the bacterium streptococcus mutans. This bacterium is adduced to cause tooth decay and gum diseases. A much larger study in 2013, also with sesame oil, found identical results, which led me to conclude that oil pulling has a significant effect on plaque. Ayurveda advises that oil pulling purifies not just your mouth, but also your entire system. It holds that each section of your tongue is connected to different organs in your body, such as your kidneys, lungs, liver, heart, small intestines, stomach, colon and spine.

I’ve adopted this practice into my daily oral hygiene. Every morning, before I begin my day at work, I gently swish one tablespoon of organic coconut oil in my mouth for about 20mins.  Firstly, I’ve noticed that the oil doubles in size, which could be a clear indication of it drawing out toxins, as well as saliva. After each session, I swish my mouth with lukewarm salt water, then brush and floss like I usually do. My teeth feels polished and optimally refreshed all day long.  I used to battle with dry mouth, but since I welcomed oil pulling into my life, it fully moisturizes my mouth. Also, I recommend coconut oil because it contains Vitamin E that will act as an antioxidant.

The idea here is to know that oil pulling is just a natural way to boost your oral health and it maybe a better alternative to mouthwash for you. Regardless, be sure to know that it will not replace the modern care you get from your dentist, if you have a persistent mouth malady.

Just a reminder before you start: after each session of oil pulling, spit the oil into a garbage can and not your sink. Reason being that when the oil solidifies (especially coconut oil), it will clog up your drains or pipes.…

5 Tips To Get Soft Hands


My friends often ask me how they can keep their hands soft all year long. In fact, there are several factors that you have to consider if you want to have smooth hands. Today I am sharing 5 simple tips you can easily implement to your daily routine, starting now!

1. Use Gloves

A simple tip to begin with would be to protect your hands from detergent and other chemicals that can threaten your hands. Do not forget to put on gloves when you are washing the dishes or the car for instance.

2. Be SPF Wise

Just like any part of your body, you should take time to protect your hands with sunscreen. It will prevent brown spots from popping out.

3. Moisturize Smartly

If, just like me, you cannot remember to moisturize your hands everyday, you have two options: put a hand cream in every handbag you have OR use your daily skincare routine as a reminder. What I usually do is that, when putting on my night cream, instead of washing my hands to get rid of the residue, I apply the bit that is left on top of each hand. That way, there is no waste of the product and my hands are insured to always be moisturized.

4.  Minimize Using Hand Sanitizer

At some point in my life, I noticed that my hands where getting dryer than usual and it was not a coincidence. What happened was that I took the (bad) habit of preferring hand sanitizers to soap, so I started to carry it around in my bag. Metro? Sanitizer. Grocery shopping? Sanitizer. Toilets? Sanitizer. Don’t make the same mistake! In other for hand sanitizers to be effective, they need to contain at least sixty percent alcohol. As a result, when you use hand sanitizers, it dries out your skin and makes it harsh. When soap and water are not readily available, seek organic alcohol-free sanitizer.

5. Use Ghee

In Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), Ghee can be used as a natural skin moisturizer. You just need 10 ounce of ghee and some water. Mix the ghee with the equivalent amount of water in a bowl for 5 minutes. Add more fresh water and continue mixing. Repeat the procedure as many times as possible (on average, 20 times ). When you’re done, apply it on your hands and leave it for 10 minutes before washing with warm water.…

Easy Workouts You Can Create In Your Daily Routine

Summer is almost gone and, with it, your promises to get fit and healthy for the upcoming fall. If you are in the same case as me, you will appreciate the mini workouts I have listed here for you. They are especially made for people who do not have time to regularly commit to a specific workout. In other words, here are four daily occasions in which you can transform your routine into an efficient workout!

1. Use Your Walls

Try to use the time you spend on the phone with your friends or brushing your teeth to do wall squats. Just stand against a wall with your legs extended, then bend your knees and slide down the wall until you reach a seated position. Hold the position as long as you can. This will tone your butt and legs, but make sure your back is flat against the wall!

2. Make The Most Out Of The Elevator Time

Let’s be honest, elevator time is often the occasion to scrutinize people, but it is rarely the moment we choose to workout. Well, that being said, it does not mean that it is impossible.

Indeed, toe raising is an easy workout you can implement in your routine, as it will tone your calves without making you sweat. What’s more, you just need minimum space to practice!

3. Drop Your Car And Use Your Feet!

It sounds simple but too many people use their car or even public transportation when they could actually walk.

For example, walk to your job once a week. When you bring your kids to the park, do not take the car. Consider it as an occasion to have some quality time with your kids! It will also benefit your health by providing you with some fresh air!

4. Sex, You’re Simply The Best

Let’s keep the best for the end. We all know that when we have sex with our beloved husband, boyfriend, or a friend with benefits, we burn calories. According to a study, making love burns almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog. So consume and enjoy without moderation!…

14 Diet Hacks You Need To Know

Do you want hacks to eat healthier and get the flat tummy you’ve always wanted? At your request here are the top 14 hacks we’ve found to help you eat more healthy


1. Veggie Day

Go vegetarian once a week. Not only will it reduce your fat and calories intake, it will also increase the presence of fiber and beneficial nutrients in your body.

2. Toss The Junk

The only way to ensure that you don’t consume tons of junk food is to make sure it’s not around. Go through your secret drawer at work, your fridge and cabinets and throw the junk food away. I know what you think: “those are just snacks for when I’m tired/angry/busy”. However, you need to start somewhere. You can replace them with healthier ones (see hack #3). Also, abstain from buying anymore.

3. Stock Up On Healthy Snacks

Replace junk food with snacks that are good for you like fruits and vegetables. Whole-wheat, nuts and nutritious crackers like Kashi Original 7 Grain Sea Salt Pita Crisps are also good. Have it stocked in your home, take it on the road and have it available at work.

4. Start Cooking

It’s much better than eating out as you’ll be in control of your food hygiene and it saves you money as well.

5. Flax It Up

Essential fatty acids are abundant in ground flax seeds. I usually toss ground flax seed in my pancakes, cereal, anything I bake and in my oatmeal with frozen blueberries. Omega-3 essential fatty acids are “good” fats in flax seed and they have shown to have heart-healthy effects.

6. Forsake Juice
In general, conventional fruit juice served at grocery stores are bad. They are crushed fruits with their fibers striped away, so you’re left with just sugar and less nutrients. Seek organic whole fruits instead and neglect fruit juice. In a study, greater consumption of fruit juices was associated with a higher risk of type 2 diabetes.

7. Stay Water Powered         

To stay healthy, it’s important to replace the fluid we lose when we breathe, sweat or urinate. The European Food Safety Authority recommends that women should drink about 1.6 litres of fluid and men should drink about 2.0 litres of fluid per day.

8. Say No To Mayonnaise           

Mayonnaise is filled with unhealthy fat and so is butter and cream cheese. Find healthier replacements for your mayonnaise like Vegenaise.

9. Olive Yourself

Olives are magical.They’re great additions to salads, homemade pizzas and other dishes. Olive oil is also a great ally when it comes to cooking and it has been proven that it is a better alternative to butter. Extra virgin olive oil is loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats.

10. Berry Yourself In Berries               
Blueberries are the best, but in general berries are great for your body as they are powerhouse for antioxidants.

11. Dieting Never Works   

Don’t diet because they are too restrictive and temporary. Once you are off the diet, all bets are off and you let go. Instead, aim for a gradual change. Something you can sustain for the rest of your life. If you’re about to make a change to your diet, ask yourself If it’s something you can do forever. If not, you should consider a smaller or different change.

12. Nuts To That       

Nuts are an excellent source for healthy oils and proteins. Add some to your meals or on salads. Raw is best, however avoid the ones that are salted like salted almonds, salted peanuts etc. Eating salted nuts contributes to your daily sodium intake, which can affect your blood pressure.

13. Change One Food At A Time

Change one thing in your diet and give yourself time to get used to it. A good example will be, instead of eating sugared cereal, try oatmeal or whole-grain cereal with low sugar. Or swap burgers with healthier sandwich. Once you’re used to that, (give it at least 2 weeks, a month is better), change another component of your diet. Changing your entire diet overnight has proven countlessly to be unsustainable.  One food at a time is much better.

14. Bake Rather Than Fry        

One of the best ways to lower fat consumption is to switch from deep fried foods to baked foods. Baking requires little or no oil and each tablespoon of oil adds 120 calories and 14 grams of fat to your food.…